Distribute your creativity and imagination and convert description into vivid picture images. We can’t wait to see those ancient and exotic creatures in your heart.
Character 1
An animal looks like a fox with horn on the back of the body. When riding it, it would bring longevity.
Character 2

A bird-like animal, wild duck shaped in appearance, with one wing and one eye only. When one meets another, they are endowed with the ability to fly. When showing up together, they cause flood.
Character 3
A beast resembles a dog but with the strips of leopards. It has horn on its head similar to the horn of oxen. They bring the harvest to the country where they show up.
Character 4
A beast resembles a piggy but with huge tusks. Its howling just sounds like its name. When appearing, they bring the harvest to the world.
Character 5
A beast looks like a horse but with body in white and tail in black as well as teeth and claws of tigers. Its howling sounds like the roll of drums. It has ability to swallow tiger and leopard as well as the ability to cure the wounds caused by weapons.
Character 6
A beast looks like a mouse but with rabbit head and ears of elks, using tail to fly. Its howling sounds like dogs’ barking. After eating its meat, people can avoid the disease of swell as well as toxication.
Character 7
A beast resembles a wildcat with one eye only and three tails. Having it can avoid viciousness while eating its meat can cure jaundice.
Step 1. Prepare the works
Step 2. Upload them here:

1st Prize: $160
2nd Prize :$33
3nd Prize: $33

Deadline: 10th of April 2014.

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